TAT Comic

TATcomic I Love Somebody More

If anything my prayer is that she will always love Jesus more than me :) For that way she’ll b

TAT Be Yourself

(Don’t) Be yourself! Contrary to many motivational teachings, being yourself is not always the

TAT Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone

Not by bread alone because there is fried rice, noodle, pad thai, mie goreng, nasi lemak, curry, cho

TAT Lazarus

Meet Lazarus! The only person in the world who died twice ;) ah and also some other people who got r

TAT His Eye Is On The Sparrow

I sing this hymn again and again with my wife, such a great encouragement when you feel lost and not

TAT Sinless

This is based on the quote from one of my favourite writer Max Lucado, “God changes us day by

TAT Faith In Humanity

I have lost all faith in Humanity!!! For why should we set our faith on things that will fade anyway

TAT Trump Triumphant

Hillary is just a memory, and now Trump is Triumphant, now that he’s the President-elect, we c

TAT Cain Able

Cain and Abel, their bitter end is retold from Genesis.

TAT Knock Knock

aaaaand the crowd booooo-ed at the knock knock joke. Sorry for the joke :p But sorry also to break t