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Genesis Bible Comic – Cain’s Anger

When you’re angry…it’s easier to sin :(

Genesis Bible Comic – Sacrifice

I sincerely agree with Abel’s offering :)

Genesis Bible Comic – Animal Lover

So Abel was the first carnivore? :D Special thanks for Ci Lilis, Freddie, Frida, Daniel, Monthy, Rusmin, Hilda, Arthur, Olla, Charles, Enrico, Ci Juli, Ko Handy, Irene and Lingga for the “Jesus Storybook Bible”hey, in my sinfulness, I may sometime give a wrong message through my comics, but I hope you guys will always keep … Continue reading "Genesis Bible Comic – Animal Lover"

Genesis Bible Comic – I Know You

In Old testament genesis, knowing can lead to pregnancy! ups…yea if i’m not mistaken, to know,” Hebrew yada, is an euphemism for sexual intercourse. oh wait, I guess I should stop saying “there you go, yada yada yada” in front of Hebrew speaking people…

Genesis Bible Comic – Banishment

I read my bible and I thought, yeah why not entering through the west side? or north?That way we could live forever :D then i read until the end of the chapter and realised that God had put good security in the garden D:

Genesis Bible Comic – Man’s Punishment

Since Adam lived for 930 years, then it makes it 930 years worth of good labour … ah, and husband, I don’t encourage you to use that excuse for not listening to your wife.

Genesis Bible Comic – Woman’s Punishment

Note to self, when you’re going to punish someone, make sure you know they understand what does the punishment means :p And also, yeah to be honest God does sounds a little bit sexist here, but if you remember the context and if you read through the bible, I guess you’ll understand that the role … Continue reading "Genesis Bible Comic – Woman’s Punishment"

Genesis Bible Comic – Punishment

although some of the arguments says that Snake is not necessarily satan. Hmm…then why would snake be tricking human?

Genesis Bible Comic – Blame Game

Blame Game rule no 1. The game ends when no one can blame anyone anymore :D

Genesis Bible Comic – Serpents Fault

It’s like playing tag game you got tag, and you got to pass it to other people, fun. …if only you don’t get punished for eternity on that.