TAT Comic

TAT The Right Inspiration

“It all started with a mouse” ~Walt Disney Not a cockroach, not an ant, not a rat, and n

TAT 2nd Lesson From Pokemon

2nd Lesson Thundershock ≠ Electrical shock. Umm…the damage to your nerve system might be ide

TAT Flies

I…mean I was trying to be kind to the fly, well…but…Nn…nev…er trust th

TAT Valentine’s Day

According to Gregorian Calendar for single people, the valentine’s day is 15th of February :)

TAT Marital Status

Whenever I had to fill a form and got to the status part, I always get bugged since the option is al

TAT Lesson From Pokemon

I…actually had in my thought to try it at least once… blame Ash!!! But oh come on, as a child I

TAT Hope

For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? B

TAT Christmas Celebration

as much as I’d like to say that Christmas is for everyone, it is not… I guess it’s

TAT Aeris Death

Why don’t you use phoenix down? Why cloud why??

TAT Neighbourly Noise

thump thump thump