TAT Comic

TAT Christian Comic Strip – About Prayer and Praying

from the quote of E. Stanley Jones If I throw out a boathook from the boat and catch hold of the sho

TAT Marathon

It’s not about a quick dash of spiritual boost, it’s not about a sprint of church activi

TAT Work Appearance

disclaimer: may not applicable in all kinds of works :p

TAT No Suffering

Who says that christian will have a successful and rich life? Who says that christian will live in a

TAT Chinese New Year

But of course all things are lawful but not everything are building, and ¬†from 1 Timothy 4 “F

TAT Sweet Words

and people told me that I’m not romantic??? I don’t get it!  

TAT Cleaning Up

I’m thankful that I always have Jesus who cleanses up for me :) how about you? Have you heard

TAT Creating Job

You know when you meet someone who always make excuse for their irresponsible action. Sometimes I wa

TAT Where Can I Go

excerpt from Psalm 139 :) best read while listening to http://sherriyoungward.bandcamp.com/track/you

TAT Working Out

It’s ironic, how different the concept of working out in these days :) It used to be everyone