TAT Comic

TAT Close To You

If you think about it… The song close to you is a bit scary… D: © Lyrics by the Carpent

TAT Saved For Good

Knowing that we have been saved, why do we still want to live the way we used to live? If we still w

TAT Having Faith

Oh hi! I’m good but busy, both with working full-time as graphic designer and also serving in

TAT Petengers

Petengers! So which one is your favourite Av…Petengers? :D

TAT My Small World

What is your life’s reality? What lies beyond your life? Aware or not aware, what if it does e

TAT When It Rains

When it rains use umbrella!

TAT Faith

Glad that it’s by faith, not by my good works that God loves us :)   Where am I? For thi

TAT Love

it’s not love when all is good and lovey-dovey, it’s love when all is bad but you still

TAT Three Wishes

If I get you to read the second frame again, then I succeed  :D