TAT Comic

TAT Feminist

You have to see them as equal yet you have to see them as weaker and have to protect them, such is d

TAT She Loves Me Not

Osh, yes, it’s been a while, really really a while, I think I took some serious damage sociall

TAT Stop Thinking

Somehow when you try to stop thinking about something, you get the opposite result… :( sigh

TAT Drawing Her

My appalling drawings can be quite helpful in creating a boundary between my real and fictitious l

TAT Ebuy

Seller’s Comment:We never ever lie, we is really really honest with our product.What we say is

TAT Cool Christian

others may say what they want, others may value me as what they wish, but ultimately my only audienc

TAT Love Triangle

A triangle is one of the basic shapes of geometry: apolygon with three corners or vertices and

TAT Great Wall Of China

Buy more = Bigger discount = Cheaper = Save more = more money = rich. ah…capitalism was starte

TAT Infatuation

sigh… ah, and any resemblance or any likeness and similarity is purely accidental and fictiona

TAT About Giving

Honesty is important for relationship, but what happens when you can’t tell everything to one