Genesis Bible Comic – Animal Lover

So Abel was the first carnivore?


Special thanks for Ci Lilis, Freddie, Frida, Daniel, Monthy, Rusmin, Hilda, Arthur, Olla, Charles, Enrico, Ci Juli, Ko Handy, Irene and Lingga for the “Jesus Storybook Bible”hey, in my sinfulness, I may sometime give a wrong message through my comics, but I hope you guys will always keep reminding me not to stray away from the truth :)Please also bear in mind that I’m not writing a bible but a comical illustration based on it, sometimes I might be a disappointment for you, but please keep encourage me to do the right thing.

Genesis Bible Comic – I Know You

In Old testament genesis, knowing can lead to pregnancy!

ups…yea if i’m not mistaken, to know,” Hebrew yada, is an euphemism for sexual intercourse.
oh wait, I guess I should stop saying “there you go, yada yada yada” in front of Hebrew speaking people…

Genesis Bible Comic – Banishment

I read my bible and I thought, yeah why not entering through the west side? or north?That way we could live forever :D then i read until the end of the chapter and realised that God had put good security in the garden D:

Genesis Bible Comic – Man’s Punishment

Since Adam lived for 930 years, then it makes it 930 years worth of good labour …
ah, and husband, I don’t encourage you to use that excuse for not listening to your wife.

Genesis Bible Comic – Woman’s Punishment

Note to self, when you’re going to punish someone, make sure you know they understand what does the punishment means :p

And also, yeah to be honest God does sounds a little bit sexist here, but if you remember the context and if you read through the bible, I guess you’ll understand that the role of the man is not ruling recklessly, but to lead his woman in a Godly and loving way :)