Genesis Bible Comic – Man’s Punishment

Genesis Bible Christian Comic Strip man punishment adam

Since Adam lived for 930 years, then it makes it 930 years worth of good labour …
ah, and husband, I don’t encourage you to use that excuse for not listening to your wife.

2 thoughts on “Genesis Bible Comic – Man’s Punishment”

  1. This creation myth is absurd to the max, and you have no hard empirical evidence.

    As to Adam’s punishment being levied against all his descendants, I find it utter idiocy. I was NOT there, so I am NOT guilty of his “sin”.

    I am an evolutionist & for the past 2 years,an atheist. I do believe in the afterlife, but in no hell.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I respect what you believe and won’t force you to believe what I believe :)

      For myself, I know that I’m a sinner and I need help from God, that’s why I became a Christian, I do believe there is an end in this life and everyone will be hold accountable with it, that’s why I believe I needed God’s forgiveness in Jesus, otherwise I won’t survive.

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