Genesis Bible Comic – Banishment

I read my bible and I thought, yeah why not entering through the west side? or north?That way we could live forever :D then i read until the end of the chapter and realised that God had put good security in the garden D:

Genesis Bible Comic – Man’s Punishment

Since Adam lived for 930 years, then it makes it 930 years worth of good labour …
ah, and husband, I don’t encourage you to use that excuse for not listening to your wife.

Genesis Bible Comic – Woman’s Punishment

Note to self, when you’re going to punish someone, make sure you know they understand what does the punishment means :p

And also, yeah to be honest God does sounds a little bit sexist here, but if you remember the context and if you read through the bible, I guess you’ll understand that the role of the man is not ruling recklessly, but to lead his woman in a Godly and loving way :)