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Genesis Bible Comic – Confession

Anddd now is the time for the confession

Genesis Bible Comic – Hiding

The first sin that human does after eating the fruit is thinking that they could get away from God!

Genesis Bible Comic – Regret

Regret always comes too late :( The two had already broken up God’s only commandment.

Genesis Bible Comic – Eating The Fruit

Um I mean, Adam was there with Eve all the time, why didn’t he say anything? This shows how Adam’s leadership failed :( even though he was meant to lead Eve in obeying God he failed.

Genesis Bible Comic – The Snake Menace

Q: Snake has leg?? A: yes, it used to has leg, early snake ancestor has legs, but they suffer limb reduction, wiki it [link] Q: Was it that hairy? A: …

Genesis Bible Comic – The Snake

The serpent indeed has such a bright mind, it is more crafty than anything else!

Genesis Bible Comic – Not Ashamed

Time has changed Adam, Time has changed. It’s amazing how God created Eve for Adam, it is actually a pretty sweet story. Don’t you think so?

Genesis Bible Comic – The Woman

And there she goes, finally I could draw Eve :D before I’m quite scared of drawing her, and that’s why I didn’t continue drawing genesis comic for awhile. Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” Now out of … Continue reading "Genesis Bible Comic – The Woman"