Trump Triumphant

So I guess America now has their new President eh? It’s a shock and I don’t think anyone guessed it, this morning I woke up and read New York Times thinking that Hillary will be elected as president after all. But lo and behold, as the quick count result pouring in, state by state succumbed to Trump’s victory. And slowly I can see the reaction of despair from people around me. And now as you scroll in any social media, america, no, not only americans, the whole world is complaining. Complaining about the fact the americans has chosen Trump and why they did let it happen.

But think about it, do you need to complain that bad?
Now that he’s elected, what else can you do? And what good can complains bring?
And honestly with a lot of political unrest everywhere across the world lately, like Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, it only strengthen my faith in Christ. There will never be a perfect leader, and though I know in Trump’s case he’ll be far away from perfect, but no matter what, you will never find a perfect leader. And all we can do now is pray, pray that Trump will have a side of humanity. Pray that he will lead with compassion. Pray that God will work not only in his small heart, but also in the people around him. Pence! ah Pence, pray for Pence, after all he’s the 2ic in this Trumphant government right? Pray that the great wall won’t happen, pray that there unnecessary war happening.

Gosh, you know what, Trump actually makes me more prayerful, more than ever!

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