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Hi there! Christmas is approaching! I’d like to tell a story about Jesus :D The reason why we have a reason to celebrate Christmas, only in his death and resurrection we find forgiveness from God. Most of us think that we know who Jesus is, most of people might have heard the name Jesus, we might think that we know who Jesus is, some of us think he is a good teacher, a lunatic, a fiction, a good person, God, son of god but that’s not necessarily who he is or a complete picture of who he is. And the best place to find out the truth is of course to read from the original source. That’s why, let’s dig deeper into the book of Mark, I hope this will pique your interest to know more about who Jesus is and whether his existence has any impact to our life or not, or even important, your life. :)

What can you do:

Leave a comment, my hope is that people will discuss about who Jesus is, our faith is not a blind faith, God gave us reason for a reason, we’re invited to discern the truth, and if God is the truth, what do we do?


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