Maybe I’ll write some…

Ah, it does have been too long since I lastly write anything, you now know that I’m not a writer, but (hopefully you think so) an illustrator…
But I have more than I have on my plate on the moment, so I’d like to pour some into words. Yes, yes, this will only sounds like a rant from me, but I can’t describe how I’m feeling at the moment, excited, sad, happy, proud, humble, content, mixed with beige color and some light green… Ah…is this about a girl? (again??)…umm, not entirely true.
Well, there’s a broken heart around, I could say that as true, but I won’t claim that the entirety of this writing is about that. You see, all these things happen when I try to be more talkative, trying to be more active in talking to people, and try to get their good respond, and it’s all was so that people will try to see the light of day, and start to know who God is…But why all these lead to a misunderstanding, and in the end led me to a despair ;____;
But in the end, I could only say that I want to leave everything in God’s hands…because it’s should be the best…
You can call me weak, you can call me spineless, but my hope is in God’s hand.

Of God and No God

Sometimes it’s a bit confusing, whether God is up there or not, whether He’s actually showing His love towards us or not…
I mean, I used to believe that He is a passionate God, a God who is kind enough to care about the world and all humans,
but now after knowing more (okay…not all, but at least more) about the God in the bible, I started to not knowing who is
Him. Somehow He has a different definition of happiness…He has a different definition of mercy…He has a different opinion
on love…not of this world…then how are we supposed to relate and agree with Him?

First time using wordpress

Um, I mean hey yeah Comic press, I have long wanted to create a website solely dedicated for comic gallery, but it seems so hard. I did have my going with flash website, and trust me, it still not a favourable option for this kind of thing.
So yeah, here we go, I hope I could do a good job in maintaining this website! Let’s go ji go!