TAT Comic App

This and That Comic App

Fancy reading these comic strip on your device?  TAT Comic App is now available for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad!!!

Download it for free in here!!



• This And That Comic – A collection of life’s random events based comic strips.
• Genesis Comic – Bible inspired comic strip from Genesis
• Double tap to zoom in
• Pinch to zoom
• Full screen mode for simpler reading navigation

© Comic Artworks by Poporetto
© This And That Comic App by CRUX Multimedia

9 thoughts on “TAT Comic App”

  1. Greetings, I just discovered your site while looking for images for a message I’m working on. Is it possible to “grab” a frame from one of your comics (Man with a withered hand) and use it in the slide presentation for my message. I would give credit to your site?
    Thanks for your reply.

    1. Hi Keith! Sure, as long as you attribute the site it should be fine :) All the best for your presentation!

  2. Hi there! I am a teacher and was wondering if I could print out one of your comics for my students to add to their notebooks and site the source on the page?

    1. Hi Ashley! Yes you may :)
      Hopefully that helps your students :) :)

      Out of curiousity, which one are you printing?

      1. oh yay! thank you! This one: “Map Jonah’s running away from God instead of Nineveh, he went to tarsish instead.” I couldnt find a kid-friendly enough version of the map and I found yours and it was perfect!

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